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Criminal Law in Washington, DC

If you've been charged for violating a Washington, DC, criminal law, our attorney from the Law Offices Of Joanne Roney Hepworth will work to provide the local representation you'll need throughout your proceedings. You can ask us any questions about the penalties associated with your arrest, and we'll strive to prepare a strategy for your defense.

Payment Plans Available

We pride ourselves on personally attending to every detail in your case. We can file motions to see any evidence that the state plans on using against you. If the prosecution offers a plea bargain, we'll work hard to help you decide whether it's in your best interest to take a deal or proceed to trial. When you retain us, you'll have access to a lawyer who has more than 35 years of experience.

The Law Offices Of Joanne Roney Hepworth can assist you with felonies or misdemeanors. Schedule now and protect your rights. For your initial appointment with an attorney at our Washington, DC, criminal law firm, call us today.